Prepare for Your Property Renovation with These Handy Tips!

Breathing life into an old building is the dream of every homeowner, but if you’re not prepared, it can turn into a nightmare. Following our handy property renovation tips will help you succeed before you’ve even started.

Assess the conditions of your property

Commissioning a survey of your property will help you determine any areas of concern. It will tell you what materials were used in the original construction, what alterations have been made and what work you can actually carry out on the property. This will assist you in making design and material decisions at the planning stage.

Create a clear and concise plan

Once you’ve commissioned your survey and understand the work that needs to be undertaken, you can starting planning your property renovation. Planning ahead will help you determine the materials you need, the areas that need attention and even how much it will cost you to finish the project successfully. 

Make sure your property isn’t a listed building

If your property is a listed building, you will be faced with several restrictions. Dependent on the type of building, you may be faced with an inability to adapt the exterior, interior or both. This can include even simple tasks such as painting a wall. If your property is listed, identify ways to protect the original features and fittings before starting the hard work.

Consider your property’s security

Thieves will view your property renovation as an easy target because the site will often be left abandoned during nights and at the weekend. Make sure any tools and parts are safely secured away from the site, and carry out regular premises checks during quiet periods. This will help reduce the risk of criminal activity on your property.